Thursday, June 17, 2010

Our Love of Sports


The awful Lakers beat the lame Celtics tonight in game 7 of the championship. You would have liked the game though. It was close the whole time, and came down to the very end. Stupid fans kept chanting "MVP!" for Kobe. What an arrogant bastard. I wish you were here tonight to hate on him with me. You were the only one who truly understood my deeply-rooted hatred of him and the entire Lakers franchise. You were my most favorite person to watch sports with. Whether we were cheering for the same team, or sitting apart from each other because the Broncos were beating the Raiders, we always were on the same page with things like calls the refs were making, or the plays that were being called. I remember when we went and got to meet Eric Weddle at the In
finity Dealership. That day was so awesome, I was so excited, and you kept laughing at me because I was so giddy. And then when we got there and got up to meet him I couldn't even speak. I was so star-struck...even though he's not that big of a star.

Oh! And you should know that Boise State is now officially a part of the Mountain West Conference, but the truly exciting news is that Utah accepted an invitation to join the Pac-10! We're a BCS team now, honey! We miss out on playing in the Holy War every year, but I'm sure they'll manage to schedule BYU every now and then, and when they will be just as intense and fierce as ever. But now we get to play UCLA, and USC, and actually have a real shot at the National Championship. I'm so sorry you didn't get to see this happen, yo
u would have loved it.

I hate that you didn't get to see your Raiders have what could potentially be a good season, since they didn't manage to blow their draft choices this year. I'm sorry you didn't get to see the Utes beat up on BYU again. I'm sorry you didn't get to see Bret Favre come back and attempt to handle another season (crazy old man!). I'll never watch another football game without thinking of you and remembering our times together. That's one thing that I never really shared with anyone before until you came along, and now I can't imagine going through these next seasons without you. It was amazing to go to the Jazz games with you this year. Lakers, Celtics, Cleavland (remember Gaines' amazing buzzer shot?!), and lots of others that were just as exciting. Don't worry...I'll make sure
Olivia and Sophie are well versed in their sports...and I'll let them choose which teams to support...even if your dad does all he can to make them Raiders fans.

I miss you so much, especially when it comes to sports and football. I miss going to Iggy's for games, having Superbowl parties at my parents house, and watching Utah play BYU every year. The Sugar Bowl was one of the best games I've ever seen in my life and I love that I had you to share that with. I even love the Asomugah jersey hanging in the closet because I know how much you loved it...even though it killed me to buy it for you. I love that you told me you wanted to have a baby while we were at a Utes game. I love that you went with
me to Las Vegas, twice, and even dyed your hair red for the game. Remember when that totally random guy came up and asked if he could take your picture? I remember going to the Bees game...I think it was the only one we ever went to...and they had the fireworks that fell in my eyes as I was laying in the grass with you looking up at the sky.

I love that we could just sit back and watch whatever was on TV because that's what we wanted to do together. We bonded over the silliest when Shanahan pulled "the Shanahan" and the Raiders lost the game. Or when Ed Hochuli fudged the Broncos/Chargers game. Remember how close I came to winning our fantasy league and that stupid Peesh guy came out of nowhere at the last minute? I was so mad.
You always did really well in the leagues too and always gave Brian and your grandpa a run for their money. And I'll always remember the distinct look you had in your eye every time Natalie would complain about football or basketball being on while she was over. I can't quite put my finger on the word to describe the look, but it was something close to stubborn determination, and you refused to change the channel.

I love this picture:

it says so much about you, and I love the feeling I get whenever I see it.

I have so many other memories of you and our love of sports. It was truly one of the best parts of our relationship, and I'll hold onto that forever and ever.

I love you with all of my Ute-loving heart, and I know that when I'm watching them this season, you'll be watching with me.


P.S. I'm still going to bring Sophie and Olivia home from the hospital in Utes onesies....just like we planned.


  1. First off Karen, I love those names for your girls! They have always been two of my favorite names. Secondly, the Utes onesies are such an adorable idea, GO UTES! Way to spread the pride through the next generation, at least your girls will have good tastes in Sports.....pray that they're identical or they might end up like me and katie....she likes the lakers and kobe...I'm really a magic fan, but i was rooting for the Celtics.
    I've been following both of these blogs, sean's old one and I plan to follow this one for as long as you write it. I must let you know how much i envy you, that you found, and got to have someone in your life that was such an amazing person like sean was. I never got to meet him, but I've followed your posts and blogs over the years, and ...Man Karen, you have been blessed in a way that the rest of us can only pray to be. To have found someone that you shared such a profound and deep love with is something that fairytales are made of, I still wait for the day when someone like that comes into my life, even if only for a moment. Stay strong my friend, for you are lucky to have ever found what most spend lifetimes looking for, a "One true love". Its a kind of love that never dies, can never be tarnished and even in the darkest of times, its that love that keeps the light in sight.

  2. Karen, this is such a beautiful post! What an amazing man he was, and what fun you two must have had together! I am so excited to continue reading your thoughts. Much love!