Monday, September 13, 2010

3 More Memories


It's me again, your downer wife. I thought tonight instead of being miserable I'd try and remember some of the good about us and about you again...not that it's hard to do. So, here are my 3 things that I remembered tonight:

1. The Shanahan: In the spirit of the NFL season starting this week and Shanahan coaching his first game with the Redskins, I'll name this memory. You and I were watching the Broncos/Raiders game and it was the last play of the game and Janikowski was up for a field goal to win it and Shanahan called his time out right before the snap. The kick was good and I cringed because I thought the Raiders had just won the game and you were celebrating and rubbing it in my face. Then of course it came to light what really happened and the second attempt was missed and you couldn't believe it! And every time that tactic was used from that point on you couldn't go without bellyaching about the original. Classic.

2. I love the memory of when you and I were living in Indianapolis and we were coming home from my cousin's wedding in St. Louis and your stomach had busted open with that festering puss gross. I remember when we went into the ER to have them check it out and the only way we could describe the wound to people was that you had a hole in your stomach, and no one could quite figure out what that meant. So we were in the triage room waiting for your nurse to come in and check you out. I made it a point to watch their faces as they pulled up your gown to see your wound. Their expressions were priceless--I've never seen people's eyes so close to bulging out of their heads!

3. I also love the memories of us staying up super late at night watching The Office and Grey's Anatomy at your apartment. And then sometimes we'd get into all these deep religious conversations with Trevor. Those nights were my favorite.

So anyway I hope you liked these things as much as I did and that you weren't too upset about the Shanahan thing.

I love you still every day, and I miss you something awful.

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