Monday, September 6, 2010

Football Update


The college football season has officially started but the NFL hasn't quite yet. It starts this week though and the one thing I'm looking forward to in terms of being on bed rest is being able to watch all of the early game (which the Broncos frequently have) instead of having to miss half of it because church ran late again.

The Utes beat Pittsburgh in OT last Thursday which was good. Pitt was ranked 15th, I think that was the AP poll. Tonight Boise State beat VA Tech with a win they pulled out of their butts in the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter, and BSU is ranked 3rd, which I find utterly ridiculous and absurd. How many times have I heard commentators and sports analysts talk about how Utah's strength of schedule has held them back in the past in terms of being real contenders for the BCS title game and BSU is ranked 3rd with only Oregon State left to play as a real/worthy opponent for the entire season? You're kidding me right?

Roethlisberger didn't get voted in by the team as a captain this season because he's been a complete idiot off the field in his personal behavior this off season (you were actually alive at that point when all of this was going on), and his suspension from the commissioner got cut to 4 games. What a break for him.

Favre says he's going to come back with a vengence and (of course he is still playing this season.....ridiculous) make up for his serious blunder against the Saints during the post-season last year....we'll see.

And BYU proved themselves the ultimate idiots and have officially announced they are going independent in football and will join the West Coast Conference for everything else. I guess they couldn't bear to be left behind in the MWC in Utah's giant shadow. Poor BSU though, now all they have is TCU in their conference which now with Utah and BYU leaving isn't going to be much better next year than the WAC is this year. (Side note: Max Hall got picked up by the Cardinals who dropped Leinart who was picked up by the Texans--I can't even comment on this....)

Oakland plays in Tennessee for their opening game this season....good luck with that. Also, I was at your grave today and your little Raiders helmet guy that your mom put on your grave is gone. I don't know what happened to it, but I promise you I didn't move it--although I would have maybe liked to. Ha. My broncos are playing Jacksonville in Jacksonville. I don't remember them being all that great last year, but with what our awful coach has done to this team in the last year, I'm not sure I even have hope at all for this season. It hurts me that the likes of Champ Bailey and Evlis Dummerville have to play with the garbage that Josh McDaniels has brought to our team this year. He's the new Al Davis for sure, although he's still trying to be Bill Belichick.

*Sigh* I love you honey, and football makes me miss you and not all at the same time. I will definitely give it a chance this season and we'll see if I can make it through without you. I'll see if I can manage. I miss you a lot a lot, and I love you very very very much.

Go Utes.

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