Thursday, July 22, 2010

3 More Things...


Remember how chemo would always wait for us at the door because she could hear us coming up the stairs and you'd always try to walk really quietly so that she wouldn't hear, but she'd always be there? Yeah, she still does that.

Remember how we always swore we'd never go back to the Walgreen's on 4700 S and Redwood because it was always a giant joke each time? Yeah, I still use that pharmacy because I tried to switch, and the new pharmacy didn't carry my prenatal vitamins in any sort of brand that would be less than a $70.00 out of pocket copay. SO stupid.

I remember how much you wanted to see Inception. I debated about seeing it because I didn't know how I'd handle going to see a movie that you were so interested in. I decided to see it, and I went, and thought of you the entire time, and it was definitely something that you would have loved. It would have made your top 5 favorites or something close to that. It was entertaining for me to go out and do that, but it was also really hard that you weren't there with me. I hate doing things by myself or with other people that you and I always did together. It feels wrong.

So, that's all for tonight. I love you so much, and always have you on my mind. I miss you sweetheart.

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